Multifamily Passive Building Projects

The PHIUS+ Passive Building Standard ignited the rapid growth of multifamily passive buildings from coast to coast. Learn more about proven best practices in the following case studies.

The Orchards at Orenco in suburban Portland, Oregon, is currently the largest multifamily passive building development in North America.
ACTION-Housing developed Uptown Lofts on Fifth in Pittsburgh to provide affordable housing with affordable utilities made possible by the high-performance passive building envelope.
Beach Green Dunes, designed to meet passive building standards, also includes resilient features to weather heavy storm conditions in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.
The Perch Harlem development is New York City’s first market rate rental apartment passive building.
Stellar Apartments is the first multifamily passive building in the country.
Kiln Apartments is one of the nation’s first mixed-used apartment buildings targeted to achieve PHIUS+ certification.
View Haus 5 is Seattle’s first townhome development built to passive building standards.
Village Centre Apartments located in Brewer, Maine, is one of the largest multifamily passive building projects in North America. Built to the PHIUS+ Passive Building Standard, Village Centre...
Weinberg Commons is the first multifamily passive building in the Washington, D.C. region, and is one of only two masonry multifamily passive building retrofits in the country.
The Second + Delaware project in Kansas City is slated to be the largest PHIUS+ 2015 certified passive building in the world.
Cathedral Square Corporation is a non-profit developer providing affordable, senior housing with common space and support services to allow seniors to live independently as long as possible. We have...