Quality Assurance is The Backbone of PHIUS+

You don't have to take our word for it; quality is verified every step of the way

The PHIUS+ Project Certification program is the only passive building certification that integrates a third party quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) requirement. QA/QC is critical to achieving the PHIUS+ standard because airtightness and superinsulation require particular attention to detail through design and construction. Quality assurance happens on paper; quality control is executed in the field during construction.

  • Verify that plans and energy models at the design stage comply with the PHIUS+ standard.
  • Perform on-site testing and inspection throughout construction to verify that the project is built as designed.

PHIUS provides two training programs for QA/QC professionals who want to participate in PHIUS+ Certification. Please refer to the information below for more detailed information:

This program focuses on single-family residential projects. The two-day training course, geared toward experienced RESNET and BPI professionals, provides a foundation in passive building principles as well as a guide to on-site quality assurance for the PHIUS+ program.

This program qualifies professionals to execute PHIUS+ QA/QC on large-scale multifamily and commercial buildings. Verifiers learn protocols specific to low- and mid-rise projects.


QA/QC Support

PHIUS has released the following QA/QC protocols to support the increasing number of multifamily projects pursuing PHIUS+ certification. Download the documents below for more information.

Contact qa@passivehouse.us to learn more about how PHIUS+ QA/QC can make the difference on your next project.

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