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WUFI® Passive is the most powerful passive building modeling tool on the market. Developed by Fraunhofer IBP in collaboration with PHIUS and Owens Corning, this user-friendly software is uniquely suited to North America's varying climate zones. Built upon PHIUS’ many years of data and expertise certifying projects from coast to coast, WUFI Passive dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of the design process for Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®).

How is WUFI Passive used?

The CPHC generates an energy model in WUFI Passive to demonstrate that the project design is in compliance with PHIUS+ energy performance requirements. The software also has built-in hygrothermal modeling capability, which allows project teams to verify that the building construction will be durable in your climate zone.

WUFI Passive Software Capabilities

WUFI Passive offers important capabilities and functionality for passive building designers. With this software you can:

  • Easily analyze a variety of design scenarios, particularly useful for multifamily  and mixed use projects.

  • Receive instant feedback and results as inputs are changed to help guide the design process.

  • Quickly generate high-quality reports and graphic outputs of modeling results to effectively communicate with clients and stakeholders.

Several package options are available for purchasing the WUFI software, including the free version WUFI Passive Free 3.0 offering all the functionality needed to model and certify a project through the PHIUS+ program. Visit the Fraunhofer online shop for details.

WUFI Passive Modeling Resources

PHIUS and the high-performance building community are continually creating and updating tools that make passive building energy modeling more accurate and efficient. PHIUS has assembled the following list of modeling resources for multifamily projects. 

PHIUS+ 2015 Multifamily Calculator

This calculator should be used for PHIUS+ multifamily projects and follows the same protocol as the Multifamily Lighting and Miscellaneous Electric Loads (MEL) document. 

PHIUS+ 2015 Multifamily Lighting and Miscellaneous Electric Loads (MEL)

PHIUS has developed protocol for calculating lighting and plug load energy in multifamily buildings for both residential and common spaces. Please refer to this protocol document for details and references. In general, the protocol follows the single-family method on a per unit basis, and includes additional information for common spaces and exterior spaces.

Multifamily Sample Project Input

PHIUS has created this multifamily sample project showing both methods for the dwelling unit iCFA calculation listed in the protocol. Included here are two variations of the floor plan takeoffs and calculator showing the per floor method and per unit method. Download the sample floor plans and two variations of the calculator here.

WUFI Passive Training Opportunities

Instruction in WUFI Passive has been part of the PHIUS CPHC training program since 2013. PHIUS offers WUFI Passive workshops for CPHCs and other professionals who have a solid grounding in energy modeling and/or the other WUFI products from Fraunhofer. Participants in the CPHC training and standalone WUFI passive training receive a free eight-week license for the full-feature version of WUFI Passive.

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The PHIUS certification team has the expertise to assist you with modeling your multifamily passive building project in WUFI® Passive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your design from concept to reality.

Contact PHIUS to learn more about WUFI Passive training for Certified Passive House Consultants.

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