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Rendering of Beach Green North Passive Building Project

What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is a preliminary assessment used to determine if a building is suitable to meet the PHIUS+ 2015 standard. The study is completed by running a preliminary energy model which is then used to show the level of envelope performance necessary to meet PHIUS+ 2015 standards. The model is completed during the project design phase for developers, architects, owners, and other parties who may be interested in pursuing PHIUS+ Certification for their project.

The fundamental energy model, created by PHIUS, can be used by the project team as a stepping stone once PHIUS+ Certification has been established as a project goal. If you are a CPHC® (Certified Passive House Consultant) who has not used WUFI® Passive, this is an excellent opportunity to work and learn off of an existing energy model. Many government, funding, and granting agencies require documentation that a project can meet the PHIUS+ standards. A feasibility study is the perfect preliminary energy model to meet these requirements.

What Documentation Do I Need to Provide PHIUS to Complete a Feasibility Study?

Generally, the more information that is known about a project, the more accurate the energy model will be. The needed documentation includes:

  • Preliminary Drawing Set (floor plans, elevations, sections, etc.)
  • A 3D Massing Model (if applicable- Revit ('15), sketchup ('16), 3D AutoCAD ('15)) to speed up the geometry import into WUFI® Passive
  • Preliminary Site Photos/Location to assess potential summer/winter shading
  • Mechanical Narrative (if possible)
  • If Nonresidential, may require additional information such as occupancy/use schedules, planned equipment, etc.

What Does a Feasibility Study Include?

  • WUFI® Passive report estimating preliminary annual energy use
  • Target envelope performance values to meet PHIUS+ 2015 standards
  • WUFI® Passive energy model
  • Energy use comparison vs code (optional)

I'm Ready to Start a Feasibility Study! Where Do I Start?

Step 1: Fill out the Feasibility Study registration below
Step 2: Upon successful completion of registration, the Feasibility Study request form will be emailed to the registrant
Step 3: Fill out the Feasibility Study request form
Step 4: PHIUS will then reach out regarding next steps

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