Designing Passive

PHIUS has compiled the following resources to help you in the design of your passive building project. From design guidance to Feasibility Studies and energy modeling support, our expert team of experienced passive building specialists are here to help get your project off the ground.

5 passive building design principles
Passive building comprises a set of design principles used to attain a rigorous level of energy efficiency that presents the best path to achieving Net Zero and Net Positive.
The PHIUS+ 2015 Standard makes passive building affordable by targeting the sweet spot between investment and payback to present a cost-effective solution to achieving the most comfortable and efficient building possible for a given climate and location.
Passive Building Detail -- Knickerbocker NYC
The PHIUS Design Guide is an invaluable tool for helping you take your project from concept to reality. Our expert staff has compiled this guide from years of research and experience certifying passive building projects from coast to coast.