The Value Proposition

The release of the climate-specific, cost-optimized PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard in March of 2015 by Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) ignited the tremendous growth of passive building from coast to coast, with the most significant gains occurring in the multifamily housing sector. PHIUS+ Certified and Pre-Certified projects now total more than 1 million square feet across 1,200 units nationwide.

The PHIUS+ 2015 Standard makes passive building affordable by targeting the sweet spot between investment and payback to present a cost-effective solution to achieving the most comfortable and efficient building possible for a given climate and location, while also offering the best path for achieving zero energy and carbon.

The resulting building performs 60-85% better (depending on climate zone and building type) on an energy consumption basis when compared to a code compliant building (International Energy Conservation Code IECC 2009), due to heating and cooling load reductions of approximately 90% and 50% respectively.

Developers pursuing certification under the PHIUS+ 2015 Standard report a cost premium for passive building methods at approximately 0-3% over a standard Energy Star construction baseline. In fact some developers even report a negative cost premium for passive building since the high-performance enclosure allows for the reduction in mechanical system size and equipment, thereby reducing both first costs and operational expenses for the life of the building.